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Welcome To SIMONA

The brand of SIMONA is a European design and technology with its principal company in USA. It is exclusively distributed by Ban Hing Group (USA) Limited and its affiliates.

Serving an ever-growing list of customers, SIMONA has become the leading trusted brand of food and beverage equipment, weighing instruments, packaging machinery, and other equipment and machinery. It caters customer’s requirements on products that are specially developed and designed through innovative ideas and advanced technology.

Added value to the high quality products is its commitment to provide excellent customer service before and after sales. To this end, SIMONA brand distributors support customers with equipment demonstrations, engineering and applications assistance, project management, kitchen design and drawing, customized design for stainless steel works, product on-site installation, product handling and training, and spare part supply and support wherever the site is located.

SIMONA Weighing Instruments committed its compliance to demonstrate consistency and accuracy in providing customer requirement and assure conformity to statutory and regulatory requirements. It comes with various types of digital scales and weighing instrument such as but not limited to crane scale, floor scale, and luggage scale, pallet truck scale, weighing scale, and pocket balance, personal scale, pricing scale, platform scale and weighbridge.

SIMONA Packaging Machineries are highly developed to provide longer shelf life, anti-leak and protection against external contaminants. It has come up with various methodologies to suit different packing variety of food and beverage.

SIMONA Food and Beverage Machineries are engineered to produce reliable, custom designed machinery providing superior satisfaction on meeting desired requirements for customers from various areas in the food and beverage industry by ensuring efficient and safety performance of its products.

Today, SIMONA still maintains production of all its product lines ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Through its existence, SIMONA has grown to be an efficient force in providing the finest products and shall remain committed for consistent development for the years to come.